The following delivery charges apply until 1st March 2016.

If you are a regular customer, you will soon notice a sharp rise in our delivery charges which, unfortunately are unavoidable as the couriers I use, like all businesses, will now have to pay the government's "Living Wage" and workplace pension.

Over the course of the last 12 or so years that I have been operating, I have tried several couriers and only the couriers I use now, "APC Overnight," seem to be able to deliver parcels undamaged and on time. With some of the companies I have used previously, up to 30% of all shipments were damaged or not delivered at all. Although this was the courier's fault, customers expected me to replace the goods at my expense which I did but, obviously, long term this was not sustainable. I have been using "APC Overnight" since May 2013 and have only had 3 bottles broken which is remarkable bearing in mind my products are bottled in glass and not plastic.

 The new prices for carriage and packaging when they are introduced, will be at the cost to me and based on weight and not order value. Although this will be more expensive on orders of 1 or 2 bottles/jars, it will represent much better value on larger orders. My products, as many of my customers know, last almost indefinitely so the best value on carriage is to stock up or put in a joint order with family and friends.

Order Value less than £12.00Delivery Charge is £4.25
Order Value £12.00 to £24.00Delivery Charge is £6.00 
Order Value £24.00 to £36.00Delivery Charge is £7.50 
Order Value £36.00 to £72.00Delivery Charge is £9.25 
Order Value more than £72.00FREE DELIVERY